Monster Trax Studio News

June 2016 - Misha Nikolic, Danny Wilson Tim Brown and Martin Mturner (Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash) started writing/recording new material for the forthcoming Album.

May 2016 - Misha Nikolic has completed recording Drums for  DEEZL (Great rock band). Looking forward to Recording great vocalist/musician John West in January 2017 on vocal duties. 

April 2016 - Misha Nikolic  is back producing   
2CARDSOF25. This time @ MFG Studios in Stockholm, Sweden working on their acoustic set. Check it out here

February 2016 - Misha Nikolic and PIX Limiere Productions completed a music video for PRITZ T
Check it out here

January 2015 - Misha Nikolic started  producing PRITZ T. Watch this space for some audio/video examples soon

October 2014 - Misha Nikolic has completed mixing and mastering John Wheatcroft’s new Gypsy Jazz influenced album. Great musician-ship and compositions. Well Done, John....

October 2014 - Misha Nikolic  is producing an exciting new Rock Artist called 
Diego Gutierrez. Almost done....

September 2013 - Monster Trax Studio re-opened in a brand new location, Newark NG23 5PX.

July 2013 -  Misha Nikolic is recording, mixing and mastering 4 new songs for “Fuze” forthcoming debut Album.

April 2013 - Monster Trax Studio  successfully re-located to Newark. Big thanks to Fuze, Subterania, Diego Gutierrez and Ivan Ortega for their help.

March 2013 - Misha Nikolic   completed mastering “SDRS” and “Monday Morning” for artist Jerome Thomas – both featured/played on BBC Radio 1xtra.

Misha Nikolic finished recording, mixing And mastering of “Subterania” debut EP. Sounds awesome......

February 2013 - Misha Nikolic  finished recording / engineering for comedian Tony Hawks new Jazz Album. 

January 2013 - Misha Nikolic completed the recording, mixing and mastering of Frank Zappa Soudalikes for Red Note. Big thanks to Mark Roberts (Panic Music) for amazing drumming, Derek Chai for special bass playing, Misha Nikolic for those  intricate guitar parts and Rufio Summers for larger than life vocals. We are having so much fun
and we have a name for the band “Moon Units”......

February 2012 - Misha Nikolic  is recording violin and cello parts for Tough Decision advert 2012 composed by Christopher Slaski

January 2012 - Misha Nikolic and David Sun Production – on going Co-Writing, Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering of commercial Nature CD’s, Sound Effects and Experimental (Plant Music)/Traditional Compositions (iTunes). Since 2010 we have done more than 30 albums.....

November 2011 - Misha Nikolic  is recording Violin parts for  advert composed by Christopher Slaski

October 2011 - Misha Nikolic  is producing an exciting new Rock/Soul Artist called 
Rufio Summers.

September 2011 - Misha Nikolic  is restoring Luciano Pavarotti’s live performance of “Nessun Dorma” for Red Note.

August 2010 - Misha Nikolic  composed a score for a playstation game “Chandragupta” commisioned by imersive Games

Misha Nikolic’s new mix for Four Wheel Drive’s version of “Rock’N’Roll Ain’t Noise Polution”

Misha Nikolic engineers Neuronspoiler’s vocal recording session at Monster Trax Studio for their forthcoming EP. Sounds great

John Mackay hires the talent of drummer Tom Meadows (Duffy) and Misha Nikolic to record drums on his songwritting project. Great performance and sound.

July 2010 - Misha Nikolic  composed a score for a PSP game “Kings Fortress” commisioned by imersive Games

Neuronspoiler start recording drums with Misha Nikolic at Monster Trax Studio

Jun 2010 - Misha Nikolic  and Danny Lee completed work on another  nature sound CD (David Sun Music)

May 2010 -  Four Wheel Drive record “Rock’N’Roll Ain’t Noise Polution” for Metal Hammer with Misha Nikolic handling the recording, production, mixing and mastering. It all went amazingly well and all done within 10 hours (9pm to 7am) - Rock”N’Roll.  At this rate we’ll have an album in 2 weeks........... 

produce it for us!) 
December 09 Andi Peters visits the studio again  for more BBC Radio Voiceovers.

TVU students still around finishing their projects........almost done 10 to go.......

November 09 - Thames Valley University’s 3rd Year Music Students start recording their music projects......100 to go

September 09 - Fred Deakin & Misha Nikolic just finished music for Simply Health ITV advert.

August 09 - John Jorgenson makes a guest appearance on John Wheatcroft’s album. Great clarinet playing......

July 09 - HAKEN record drums at Monster Trax Studio with Misha Nikolic behind the desk. Prog rock heaven. The guys can play .....and compose really well.

July 09 - HAKEN record drums at Monster Trax Studio with Misha Nikolic behind the desk. Prog rock heaven. The guys can play .....and compose really well. 

June 09 - John West and Lonnie Park  put more vocals and keyboards down for a secret new project. 

May 09 - Four Wheel Drive  have finished mixing and mastering the new album with Misha Nikolic, who also produced the album.  
A five star recommendation for out and out rock band FOUR WHEEL DRIVE "The Twickenham four piece update the Bon Scott steam roller rocking of early AC/DC, add Keith Richard like riffs and top it with some Zeppelin influenced bluesy derived killer high octane rock. They blew the roof off. Never was the phrase, 'For those about to rock' more apt!" - Pete Feenstra

Yasmine Abeydere finished recording a 3 song demo. Sadly, disappeared to USA without paying a bill. 
It happens.....

April 09 - Andrew McKinney (bass) and Darryn Ferugea (drums) put down some seriously funky grooves.

March 09 - John Wheatcroft begins recording his first jazz solo album

The studio is a proud owner of a new Mac Pro rocks.

February 09 - John West and Misha Nikolic join their talents to write some seriously catchy tunes for a new project

January 09 - Lost Train begins recording a 4 track EP

December 08 - Suman Bhanot completes the recording, mixing and mastering of her new song “When I Cry” with Misha Nikolic.

The studio has just updated to UAD-2 Quad PCIe Card with all UA plugins and RME Raydat 66 24/96 for even more processing power and lower latencies for tracking/mixing and mastering.

Andi Peters has recently used the studio for BBC Radio Voiceovers.

November 08 -  Artificial Happiness have finished mixing and mastering the new album with Misha Nikolic, who also produced the album. CD Album available on iTunes. Music by Mervin Scott and Misha Nikolic.